“Touching The Void” – What Has Been Included

What Images Are Presented In The Text?

  • Blackened Fingertips – big white bony hands with the fingertips blackened and bruised looking with no life left in them. 
  • Deep Tiredness –   Someones face with eyes sunken in with black bags underneath 
  • Victim – being chased or captured, scared for life

How Do These Images Affect Our Understanding Of The Events, The Setting, And The People?

  • Indeed the only evidence of my ordeal was the sight of my blackened fingertips’  –  How did he get this frostbite why can he not feel it anymore?
  • The deep tiredness I had felt yesterday was gone.’  –  This Image affects our understanding by making us wonder what setting/terrain they walked through to make him this tired and how fit he is as a person compared to the other climbers
  • ‘I had done the right thing; no one could challenge my conviction that I was as much a victim as Joe’.  –   This gives the image of someone being chased or captured, scared for life.  By saying ‘I was as much of a victim as Joe’ makes me wonder what happened to Joe did he die? was he sick? or was he just lost in the snow? 

What Specific Vocabulary Has Been Chosen To Add Meaning To The Text?

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